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Bullying Tips for Parents


  • Focus on your child; be supportive and gather information about the bullying.
  • Never tell your child to ignore the bullying.  Trying to ignore bullying often allows it to become more serious.
  • Do not blame your child for being bullied.   Do not assume that your child did something to trigger the bullying.  Avoid making comments like, “What did you do to aggravate the other child?”
  • Listen carefully to what your child tells you about the bullying and learn as much as you can about the bullying incidents.  Ask your child to describe who was involved, how and where each bullying episode happened.
  • Have compassion for your child; let your child know bullying is wrong, it is not their fault, and that you are glad your child had the courage to talk to you about it. Ask your child what he or she thinks can be done to make the situation better and let them know what you are going to do.

-Sheilah Gresham, Chesapeake Community Services Board, Prevention Specialist

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